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Janet's Art House

May 17, 2019

As many followers are aware of, Janet has an art teacher and also a mentor.

A subtle but important difference between mentors and teachers are: teacher has greater knowledge than a student; a mentor has greater perspective.

Following is an interesting whatsapp conversation that took place yesterday regarding this artwork. It’s an actual conversation which is worthy of sharing. Please read on if you want to know and understand Janet better.


Janet’s Mentor: Dear Joyce, this got touch up right?

Janet’s Mum: Nope. 100% her work but under strict supervision

Janet’s Mentor: I can’t feel is Janet’s strokes.

Janet’s mum: Let me check ya

Janet’s mum to Janet’s art teacher: Teacher, this one did u do any touch up or everything is done based on instructions only as per your video?

Janet’s art teacher: She did herself with my support & encouragement

Janet’s mum to art teacher: Thank you. That’s what I thought coz I did hear your suggestions in the video 🙏

Janet’s mum to Janet’s mentor: Mentor, this is the reply from her art teacher: “she did herself with my support & encouragement.” So what the teacher did was as you saw on the video - her comments to realign Janet when she goes off course. Her teacher did not touch the painting at all

Janet’s mentor: Very good.

Janet’s mum: Hope people can be like you to see and know Janet has 2 abilities

Janet’s mentor: Actually is only one ya, is Janet herself. We should see thing both side. People said certain things because they don’t know Janet yet. Over time people will know Janet better.

Janet’s mum: Ya. And I want people to know the real her thru this education process

Janet’s mentor: Yes is education also.

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